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Zero written by Gabriel House  "Shansal atyon ek Shi Y'lontwi. Uhd a dratha, vo vorrah raast. Fur Xesh tolla, Cresh van raacha."  "Suhdo suhdo uiynana Vee Antu. Criebel kona andanu fron krishlashil."  In that time before the first fire, there was one who was two, I-I, high majesty of all. There was no existence but that of sleeping brother-sister, who's heart beat as one was all and there was no other. In the mind that was one there arose then, great visions of music and towers that shimmered in the light of pale star. And there also, dancing amidst the twinkling void was a vision of music in form. It was Life. Life sailed on moonglint wings and wore a face made...

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