written by Gabriel House

 "Shansal atyon ek Shi Y'lontwi. Uhd a dratha, vo vorrah raast. Fur Xesh tolla, Cresh van raacha." 

"Suhdo suhdo uiynana Vee Antu. Criebel kona andanu fron krishlashil." 

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In that time before the first fire, there was one who was two, I-I, high majesty of all. There was no existence but that of sleeping brother-sister, who's heart beat as one was all and there was no other. In the mind that was one there arose then, great visions of music and towers that shimmered in the light of pale star. And there also, dancing amidst the twinkling void was a vision of music in form. It was Life. Life sailed on moonglint wings and wore a face made by one who was two, for it had nothing. Life was given shape then when the music would swell and burst open the tender gates of the dream. It was upon this climax that the bones of Uurnya would be set and the heart of highest glory would be ripped from within and placed there in worlds womb to begin its tune. The tear left by the cruel birth grew in the thunder of the music and the two of one began to sink within itself. The once perfect mind that was all and absolute was now sundered and lost. In the final piercing needles of white that were its eyes, it was gifted the lesson that would be studied by two and perceived through a split mind, until the end of time. 

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The lesson was first perceived in minds eye by the one who would be called Shi Y'lontwi, and it was known as so: "Walk not without the music in your heart, for in it there lies the beauty of your design. I leave you now with this so that your hands alone may shape the wandering melodies of an infant world and give form to that which you first imagined. In your heart-chamber II have placed the greatest of all my gifts, for within you there is the Fire that is in all things. To you alone II leave its secrets. Cherish and protect life, for it will forever hold the echoes of your lost heart." 


Then the lesson was revealed unto the other, who would be called Vee Antuu and it was understood as so: 

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"Walk always in riotous blood, for you, my second, II grant this. Blessed be thy name as protector of this world of brother-sister design. Take upon the ways of the blade and bow. Let your blood run pure amongst the seeds of High Ulundiri and make them always sworn to watch the world for darkness. You will be as them for a time, until death and then, again as one. This is my gift to you Istgeod. Walk true and hold my voice deep in minds eye and you will prosper. Walk always in riotous blood. Walk always, in the light."

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