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What is Transhumanism? | Definition and Theories

Although transhumanism is not a completely homogeneous current, transhumans and transhumanists worldwide are generally united by the pursuit of a long, healthy and more livable life. And the goal of positive development for people and society, especially (but not only) through science and technology. The question “what is transhumanism” needs a far broader answer. Transhumanism is often seen as a logical continuation of humanism in the context of current progress and the current page development.   You read our What is Transhumanism? | Definition and Theories blog post. If you want to read more blogs about Sci-Fi visit our Sci-Fi Blog page.

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Differences between Science Fiction and Fantasy

We all love science fiction and fantasy. Because we all like to dream. So are these two types related to each other? Have you ever thought about that? The difference between science fiction and fantasy Science fiction and fantasy both fall under the speculative fiction genre, in which many elements, characters and settings arise from fantasy and speculation rather than reality and everyday life. However, there is a distinct difference between science fiction and fantasy. Science fiction is based on science and technology and therefore shows scenarios that might one day apply. Fantasy, on the other hand, contains many supernatural elements and takes place in a world that does not and can never exist. Therefore, the main difference between science...

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