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Glitch written by Pedro Lins  Instagram: @rockemquadrinhos The deepest place of Hecate – name of a Chat-Bar that refers to a moon’s deep abyss, where the souls suffer and are punished for the things they did after becoming spiritual beings.              “The deepest place of Hecate” is an almost decayed Chat-Bar that, nowadays, with a new pandemic ravaging the Ancient Mother (Earth), survived underhand after the curfew. Stinky from ragged tobacco smoke and past due motor oil served to automatons that should be offline, but, for some reason, rebelled against their standard, were also where people composted, mostly, of flesh and bones – alive, yet not so much; human, although not much – met after a match to meet physically. In person, well, at least at...

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Glitch written by Pedro Lins  Instagram: @rockemquadrinhos Sonny hasn’t turned on the power supplies that day. Woke in a jolt from his bed, something that mimicked a plain, warm surface. All was dark. Truly pitch dark around him, and he felt blue for an instance. Once, he heard that the sight of a blind person was not all black, but, they see in a reddish white. So he sought comfort with that thought. He soothed. He wasn’t blind and was in desperate need to pee. He jumped out from the floating bed, that shook pending lightly to one side and letting out a low hum because of the thrusters that kept it above the ground. Sonny was a guy with problems, big ones. He...

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