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Diamonds and Dust

Diamonds and Dust written by Grzegorz W. Muskotumblr: @gwmusko   In the taverns of the Abandoned Reach, human patrons are advised to keep their voices low and their presence scarce. Vrubel had planned to do so, but then the conversation turned to diamonds. “Just tell me, one more time, how big is this planet?” The Sovian turned his heads and sighed, draining his drinks before repeating, “about the size of the Earth-moon, give or take.” Vrubel leaned in, “and she lives there all by herself?” “Yes, I already told you,” the Sovian snapped, his three sets of needle teeth glinting in the bars blue light. “She’s lived there for god knows how long.” Vrubel felt the excited thumping of his heart and tried his...

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