Best Sci Fi Shows and Series on Amazon Prime

In this blog we will look at the sci-fi series that you can watch in Amazon Prime.


As you know, Amazon Prime led to a dynamism in the digital broadcasting industry. In this way, it both rivaled and offered us a good alternative to Netflix, which we could not get rid of, but had difficulties in finding the right movies. The platform, which has managed to make a name for itself with its convenient subscription model and comprehensive contracts offered for its internal productions, also hosts many movies and series that will steal the hearts of science fiction lovers. In this article, we will try to list 6 series that can be watched on Amazon Prime and give information about them for science fiction writers who like long-term watching marathons. Have a good time everyone.






How realistic do you think the heroes we are used to seeing from Marvel and DC are? These superpowers, who are ready to sacrifice themselves for humanity, may seem absurd to many of you in real life. However, The Boys, which tells the adventures of a group of heroes who abuse their powers, succeeds in attracting the audience by drawing a more realistic superhero portrait.

In this universe, our heroes are as popular as celebrities and as influential as politicians. Moreover, they are not at all ashamed of using their power for their own interests. Our one-of-a-kind heroes are quite adept at breaking the ordinary and showing the other side of the coin.


the man in the high castle

The Man on the High Castle, “What would have happened if Germany and Japan had won WWII?” An alternative history story based on the question. The series depicts a dark landscape in which America is shared between these two states. Ultimately, there is a resistance against this dictatorship, and the 'Man in the High Castle', which nobody knows, ignites the fuse of the movement with its film reels.



Adapted from the cult novel of the same name by the famous science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, the series tells us an impressive dystopian story as can be expected. If you don'tmind its slow pace, a four-season cruise marathon awaits on Amazon Prime. The X-Files is a cult television series that has managed to attract millions of fans since its debut in 1993. It is possible to find everything you are looking for in this series, from urban legends to fantastic monsters, from aliens to mutants, from conspiracy theories to supernatural events.

The production, which has managed to blend fantasy and science fiction, and horror and mystery, continues to preserve its precious place among television series. Even today, there are many productions trying to run in this lane created by him. Therefore, it continues to be a bedside work and even a reference source for similar projects that were shot later.



A contemporary adaptation of the old series from 2004, the new generation Battlestar Galactica reveals an epic narrative not only with its philosophical readings but also with the characters it creates. As a result of the insidious attack of the Cylons, the entire civilization collapsed, and the 12 Colonies came to the brink of extinction. Paralyzing the entire defense system of the colony, the Cylons are determined not to stop until they kill the last human. This is how the epic battle for survival of nearly 50,000 homeless people in space, led by the old Battlestar Galactica ship, begins.



star trek

Our legendary captain Jean-Luc Picard (Sir Patrick Stewart), famous for his anchor and 'engage' line of The Next Generation series, is now retired and working on winemaking in his vineyards in his hometown of France. Picard is still the old Picard; strong, stubborn and headstrong… However, his life has taken a boring and routine course. He goes for walks with his dog 'Number One', drinks that famous 'early gray' tea with the 3D replicator, and buries a glass of red wine in the cool of the evening for healing purposes.

Then a documentary team disrupts this peaceful bonding environment. Picard is asked how he feels about the past, particularly the resources he has spent trying to protect Romulan civilians from supernovae in detail. As the tumult of the documentary continues, a mysterious young woman named Dahj asks Picard for help, which completely changes the course of events. Now it's time to fight for the big wolf just like in the old days... The sequel to our inedible childhood drama, The Next Generation, the production takes us on brand new adventures in the Star Trek universe.



upload series

Do you want to live after you die? Upload takes place in a universe that gives people the chance to choose their own afterlife by uploading their consciousness to the virtual world. You only need to be wealthy or have a wealthy girlfriend for this job. His rich girlfriend, who cannot accept his death, transfers Nathan, our hero in the series, to the most expensive virtual reality, ‘Lake View’. While Nathan spends his time realizing the pros and cons of virtual reality, he is confrontedwith the fact that his death was not an accident.

The first season of the American sci-fi and comedy series created by Greg Daniels was broadcast on prime video on May 1, 2020, and it also managed to get approval for the shooting of the second season. 

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