What is Mobius M. Mobius?Is Mobius Loki's love interest?

Who is Agent Mobius?

Agent Mobius first appeared in a very Fantastic Four comic. There, as a bureaucrat, he's always behind to report the violations of the superhero troop against the timeline set by the guardians of the time and to urge to the underside of them.

The employees of the TVA add the zero-time zone, a zone during which time runs differently than on earth or other planets. the designof Mobius within the comics relies on Mark Gruenwald, a legendary Marvel magazine writer. This visual reference was retained in Owen Wilson's character design.

Mobius M. Mobius is an agent of the Tribunal of Anachronistic Variations who specialized within the investigation and analysis of extremely dangerous temporal criminals. After starting an investigative mission on Sylvie Laufeydottir , a variant of Loki who killed TVA agents , Mobius recruited another variant of Loki within the hopes that he could help the organization stop his alternative self. A wobbly friendship formed between the 2 until Loki joined Sylvie's quest on a mission. After recapturing the 2 Loki variants and learning that the TVA had lied to him and brainwashed, Mobius join briefly with them before being scrambled by the timers of Ravonna Renslayer . After his jamming, Mobius was sent into the Void, where he rescued Sylvie and worked with a team of Loki variants to assist them defeat Alioth . because the battle against Alioth began, Mobius returned to TVA through a time gate to confront Renslayer and try to overthrow the organization. However, when the 000 creator of TVA died, Kang the Conqueror took control of the organization and brainwashed Mobius and every one the agents of the organization.

Owen Wilson's version of Mobius

In "Loki", Mobius is additionally introduced as a bureaucrat who brings crimes against the sole true timeline to justice and hunts down criminals who leap through time. within the case of the Disney + series, however, his remit doesn't relate to the amazing Four, but to Loki. As within the comics, the TVA bureaucrats and Mobius are optically oriented towards Gruenwald and wear jackets and ties. within the comics, Mobius has close associates like Mr. Tesseract. This wasn't explicitly introduced, but one amongst the workers who took Loki's tesseract from him seems to be following in these footsteps.

Mobius M. Mobius within the comics

Mr. Mobius was a member of the junior management of the Time Variance Authority , who was promoted to senior management because of his meticulousness. He notably hunted down the Fantastic Four for his or her illegal use of your time. He was also one in all the judges present at the Hulk trial and also the only one to survive it.

Anecdotes about the actor

Owen Wilson is thought for roles within the films Armageddon , Starsky and Hutch also as Broadway Therapy . He also lends his voice to Lightning McQueen within the Cars movies . He also previously worked with Tom Hiddleston on the movie Midnight in Paris .
To prepare for his role as Mobius, Owen Wilson didn't read one magbut was briefed by Tom Hiddleston about integrating into the Marvel Cinematic Universe , who showed him clips from other films and the way everything was done. was connected within the overall story: “ Tom told me all that, but also his character . And even within the way he described his character to me from time to time, it had beenhelpful to me because my Mobius character in Loki is style ofinterviewing him at one point. So it variety of worked well to try to toit that way. 

Mobius within the Loki series

With this information, Owen Wilson immediately seems less likeable. Maybe his character includes a specific idea in mind to up the ranks. Maybe he's trying to govern Loki to induce his way. And most significantly, maybe the Loki series will introduce Reed Richards to the MCU . within the show, Mobius liaises with Loki, and asks him for help in apprehending a robust Variant.

So Mobius could play a much bigger role than it seems within the MCU. Although the series hasn't touched on the concept of clones yet, there is a good chance Marvel Studios won't miss out on this element, which scriptwriting continues to be very beneficial. If Mobius dies, it's extremely easy to switch him. Screenwriter Mark Gruenwald is additionally the mastermind behind the character of The Scarlet Witch within the comics. it had been he who gave his most powerful powers to Wanda and he also imagined the Darkhold . Elements included within the WandaVision series . Its influence is therefore not negligible, and Marvel Studios seems to be digging deep into its ideas. Which suggests that Loki could largely develop Mobius, and make him a central character.

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Author: Gamze Özdemir