VHS Shoes / Amazing Retro Spirit from Newretro.Net

Anyone born in the 80s and 90s knows VHS tapes well. These tapes are considered a reflection of our childhood. We watched the most beautiful movies with our family and friends thanks to these VHS tapes.

I'm sure most of us experience great nostalgia when they see these tapes. Let's take a look at these tapes:


I am sure you remember some of them right?. Also, take a look at these shoes:

Newretro.Net VHS Shoes

Yes! They look very similar, don't they? The Newretro.Net store has been the best representative of 80s retro culture since 2011, U.S. centered brand. Based in Las Vegas, this team designs the most beautiful shoes we've ever seen! They are truly professionals in this business! We will also leave some customers' tweets about the products below.



You can access more of VHS shoes by entering Newretro.Net!

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