The History of NASA Symbols

In this blog we are going to discuss about the history and changes on the NASA symbols in time. 

Space probes that shook scientific programs, manned service vehicles reaching our solar system boundaries, all of which are carried out thanks to NASA.When curiosity rover launched at the end of 2011, it rover carried all advanced and valuable scientific equipment that humanity has invented so far to Mars. Maybe that's why the NASA logo is one of the most famous in the world.

The history of the Nasa logo stems from the first variations created in 1959. It looked quite interesting for those years, but it didn't last long.

Then they decided to simplify the logo a little bit to make it clearer and sharper. Many details were removed during the design process. Only the scarlet rocket trail, deep blue sky, as boundless as space itself, white stars and NASA lettering remained. Later it was affectionately referred to as "meatballs" and its official name as "Insignia". This logo was very easy for a mind to grasp. The sky was just a sky and the orbit was just an orbit, it had no hidden meaning.

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The US government has asked a design agency to develop a more up-to-date and relevant logo. The designers hired for the project decided to completely change the logo. They worked so hard that there was little left of the original logo, only a very sleek and detailed NASA script.




Perhaps such a logo would be welcomed in our age of simplicity and minimalism. However, back then the logo was rejected. It was called the worm logo, and the logo took a while to pass. Moreover, the younger employees liked the new logo more than before. In the end it was the young&old battle.


The new logo was adopted and even received an award for a perfect design. Yet somehow the "meatballs" came back in 1992! The old logo has been returned to recreate a memory of old values. People started to forget important milestones like the Apollo program. Agency officials decided to recall humanity's great leap forward and prove that NASA has not changed yet.

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The Nasa logo has been copied many times outside of America. For example, the logo was used by Korea in 2014. They seized the emblem for the NADA space agency. It was clearly done. Logos can easily be confused with one another, and even names can easily be confused, and the company's name appears to be imitation. The Russian "Roscosmos" logo also reveals some similarities. The only difference is that the Russian logo is minimalist.



When you think about it, space belongs to everyone and the sky is always blue. Perhaps it's a situation where everything original is already used and coming up with something new is difficult because it doesn't exist at all. As a result, the history of the NASA logo reveals that a good logo doesn't have to be obvious and sometimes people like visual propaganda.

nasa symbols

NASA has been using the same logo for 59 years since its establishment. However, there are those who think that the logo should change even though it has become a 'symbol'.

NASA has been one of the biggest bridges between humanity and the unknowns about space and the universe for 59 years. It is an innovative institution that has conducted thousands of researches, discovered planets and galaxies and now has agendas such as 'extraterrestrial life'. However, its logo is still like the first day. This leads to the idea that NASA now needs an innovative and dynamic logo like its own.

Regardless of the logo, institution or brand, it is one of the most powerful steps to be taken to create an image. It should be both catchy and reminding, and deep enough to tell the ideals. However, NASA's logo is now considered to be insufficient for this powerful expression. Because the 59-year-old logo does not successfully express the new missions and the path NASA has taken over time.


Considering the year it emerged, this design symbolizes the past rather than the future, and in fact NASA has nothing to do with the past anymore and its direction has always been towards the future. Therefore, NASA should now have a more innovative, future-oriented logo that reflects its ideals.


Many designers have similar views on the subject, and it is even thought that NASA's 60th anniversary will be a good time for this innovation. Of course, the issue is that it has a logo that also expresses NASA's commitment to the USA. Because NASA is an American organization and if it wants to continue to grow, it should be able to reflect all these values in its logo along with.

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