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 "Dune" will be released soon,it is the third attempt to film Frank Herbert's great creation. But none of the fans of the original source disliked it that humanly. Future of mankind, according to Herbert, not so bad. The inhabited space is ruled by large families, shared famous worlds. But the catch is that switching between them is only possible with the help of "spices" - condiments, substances, discovered only on one of the planets discovered throughout the history of space exploration - Arrakis.


Denis Villeneuve's Dune is one of the most talked about science fiction fiction films of recent times. Adapted from a difficult novel by Frank Herbert, this classic of science fiction was brought to the cinema with talented hands, and it was talked about quite a lot. Sandworms, freedom-seeking Fremens, great actress Chalament and much more in this movie. So what are the reviews for this movie? Is the movie liked? Are the reviews positive? Let's take a look at some reviews.


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 Mark Hanson from The Slant Magazine says;


He says that Denis Villeneuve brought a new perspective and a breath of fresh air to this film, which went down in history as a film that was not thought to be adapted for a long time. However, he also states that although everything is so magnificent, he could not get rid of mediocrity in the end and did not offer a miraculous cinematic pleasure.


He says that the journey to Arrakis is the beginning of a series that increased the recognition of Villeneuve and that the details are very important. He says that it is a film where the spacecrafts dance as if they are performing a ballet, and the wonderful landscapes are a feast for the eyes.


The movie was shot for the IMAX format and the aspect ratio opens up to 1.90:1 in some scenes. The effect is spectacular, but you can never shake the impression that while this Dune breathes new life into Herbert's material, it still suggests something that has been left behind, namely the multiple sci-fi movies that the book inspired he says.


Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), the son and heir of Duke Leto and the sullen protagonist of the story, has superhuman mental abilities and adequate training in martial arts and swordsmanship, inherited from his mother, the perpetually dismembered Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson). From Paul's departure to Arrakis to the scenes on his spice-gathering mission, the audience takes on a boring tone by constantly talking about how he will be "that person," says the audience.


You can read his review about the movie from HERE.



Allison Willmore of New York Magazine Vulture says;


When David Lynch directed the film of the 1965 original novel, he added to the sandworms mouths that open like monstrous flowers. She says it's not Denis Villeneuve's approach to Herbert's source material in his own grandiose and strange new interpretation.


The most daring aspect of Dune isn't just that it chooses to immerse the viewer in its richly rendered universe with a narrative of little information, says Allison Willmore. The most daring aspect of Dune is how much unrest it creates around the idea of ​​the chosen one, from the Leni Riefenstahl-inspired military ceremony where Leto and Paul take on the task of taking care of Arrakis, to the fact that Paul himself is responsible. It is a product of eugenics. It begins with Chani speaking out loud about the colonization of the Fremen lands and the oppression they are experiencing at the hands of greedy aliens, and then evolves into a white savior whose size is entirely synthetic, engineered through cultivated prophecies and genetic manipulation. Paul's reluctance to enter the role created for him is not the usual self-doubt, but the fear of someone who comes to believe that he must start a holy war. Being the protagonist of the story has never looked so toxic, and that alone is exciting enough to hope that Villeneuve will do the second part of this impressive punk adventure, says Willmore.


You can read her review about the movie from HERE.


Let’s move on with our opinion mixed with what other people think about the movie.

In fact, figure drawing is one of Dune's great weaknesses. It's all pretty simple, even within the individual groups. As impressive as the cast of the film is - Villeneuve was able to hire a top-class cast - the immensely talented actors and actresses cannot hide the fact that the characters are nothing more than moderately interesting archetypes. On the one hand, this is a shame because it becomes more difficult with emotional identification. The adventure, which had its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in 2021 , often seems a little lifeless. On the other hand, this concentration on the essentials has the advantage that you can indulge in the adventure and the world of images undisturbed. Different to Christopher Nolan, who often considers himself more intelligent than he ultimately is in his films, Villeneuve knows how to assess all of this better. Above all, he is interested in an actual visual vision, without being excessive in the content.

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Author: Gamze Özdemir