Best Space Movies listed by IMDb

In this blog we will visit the best space movies that sorted by IMDb points. 

Best Space Movies listed by IMDb

Space movies, which contain elements of horror and science fiction, are notable for their limited cast, even though they are shot at a high cost. Space movies generally consist of cult series. Space movies have a long history. The 1902 film Journey to the Moon, inspired by the book Journey to the Moon written by Jules Verne in 1865, is the oldest known space film in the history of cinema. As a series, Doctor Who is the first space series, which started to be shot in 1965 and continues until today. Space movies are movies that generally depend on ostentatiousness. Movies of new creatures or visually spectacular are generally based on space movies. Creatures such as Alein and Predator are also imaginary characters brought to the cinema by space movies.


1 - Star Wars Series (IMDB Rating: 8.6)

star wars

The best known and most classic of the space movies is the Star Wars (Star Wars) Series. Star Wars movie begins with the action and suspense-filled story of a group of rebel guerrillas. In the series, the deep relations between exile, throne fights and family are handled with fine details. The Star Wars series has been shot in 9 movies since 1977.

2 - Interstellar (IMDB Rating: 8.6)


The film Interstellar, which deals with important issues related to the concept of space such as the 5th dimension and black hole, deals with the journey of a father for the future of his children. Interstellar, directed by Christopher Nolan, stars Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in the lead roles. In the movie Interstellar, the concept of time is also deeply processed.


3 - Alien Series (IMDB Rating: 8.4)


The Alien series, which swept the world of cinema and created a school, has also been a source of inspiration for many movies. The series, which tells the horror and adventure-filled journey of the crew and the creature named Alien, who came out of a cargo plane returning to Earth, consists of 4 films in total.


4 - Guardians of the Galaxy (IMDB Rating: 8.1)

guardian of galxy

Although it is seen as a part of the Marvel cinematic universe, Guardians of the Galaxy draws attention as an independent film from the series. It tells about the struggle of Star Lord and his team, who appeared in Avengers Infinity War and End Game movies, except their own movies in the Marvel series, to seize the power stone. After this stone, there is another very powerful enemy that they do not know: Thanos. The film is also the only film in the series that takes place entirely in space.


5 - Martian (IMDB Rating: 8.0)


Mark Watney is a successful botanist. Watney, who is also in the crew of a ship called Ares III, falls to Mars after a dust storm. Watney, who managed to survive thanks to the intelligence of the crew that no one survived, makes a life in space for himself. At the same time, he has to find ways to be saved.


6 - Star Trek (IMDB Rating: 7.9)

star trek

Star Trek (Star Trek), which is among the cult space movies, deals with the struggle of young officers in the crew of a spaceship called the Enterprise against a formation called Evil Forces. This fight is about the future of the galaxy. However, the entire future of the galaxy is in the hands of two rivals, James T. Kirk and Spock.


7 - Moon (IMDB Score: 7.9)


Astronaut Sam Bell is a lunar lover. Because of this passion, the moon has become his immanent home. However, after a while, he will enter into a struggle with himself when he realizes that mysterious events occur around him. Besides being a science fiction movie, Moon movie, which contains psychological elements, tells the story of a person's confrontation with his own passions.


8 - Forbidden Zone 9 (IMDB Rating: 7.9)

forbidden zone

The Forbidden Zone tells a story set in the world alongside other space movies. Aliens have succeeded in invading Earth. The aliens who have taken over the world are located in a place called District 9 in South Africa. This situation causes the earthlings to revolt and causes a great war between the earthlings and the aliens. Forbidden Zone 9 was shot with a lower budget than other movies and with a small number of actors.


9 - Avatar (IMDB Rating: 7.8)


The Avatar movie, which includes anime elements and is adapted from the cartoon with the same name, has made a big impact in the world. A very important element has been discovered on a planet called Pandora. Botanist Dr Grace Augustine and Jake Sully are sent to the planet Pandora to study this element. Half paralyzed, Jake Sully begins to recover and finds himself in an uphill battle to protect the planet Pandora from his earthlings.


10 - Apollo 13 (IMDB Rating: 7.6)

apollo 13

Bringing together master actors such as Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Gary Sinise, the movie Apollo 13 tells the adventure of a group of astronauts who are left helpless when oxygen cylinders explode because of an accident on a spaceship. The Apollo 13 crew must find both a way to find air and a way to return to Earth.


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