Best Sci-Fi Books in 2021

2021 is very busy between vaccine wars and cloud systems. It's like aren't we in a science fiction movie? Let these continue on one side, we are sharing with you 4 of my favorites of the most popular science fiction books in 2021. 

A crow, a bloodhound and hell: Hollow Kingdom

The crow Shit Turd (ST for short) actually leads a comfortable life as a house crow in Seattle. But one day her human roommate, Big Jim, begins to behave strangely. He shuffles around, stops eating normal food, and makes strange noises. When one of his eyes finally falls out of his head, ST knows that something is absolutely wrong. All other people begin to change too, and even try to eat their own pets. ST decides to seek help for its landlord by joining the bloodhound Dennis in search of a cure. But all hell is going on out in Seattle. In addition to bloodthirsty people, the animals of Seattle try to escape the madness or simply to survive. A long and pretty crazy journey begins for the two of them.  Scroll through the book

hollow kingdom

Why we like the novel:

An extremely funny and original zombie novel, told from the point of view of animals that live in a world ravaged by zombies. The unusual thing about "Hollow Kingdom: The Year of the Crow" is that it tells a doomsday scenario from the perspective of a crow.

The Blackcoat Rebellion : A thin line between life and death: which side do you choose? Who do you trust?

Upon completion of an exam, depending on the evaluation, people are placed in a class that determines how life will go on for them from now on: either good or poor. Rank VII is the best, while Rank I is the lowest. Kitty goes into the test with great hope, but her result then only corresponds to the rank of III. From now on it is her new mission in life to clean the sewer system; and that in Denver too, far from Benjy, the boy she loves. Benjy has not yet taken his exam, but Kitty knows that he has more potential than she does. She is at odds and does not want him to give up his potential for a better life for her. Then the tide turns unexpectedly and Kitty has a choice either to continue to lead the life of a III or to take the chance and become a VII. A privilege that actually belongs only to the Hart family. Kitty agrees. When she comes to shortly after the deal, she doesn't recognize herself. She has been masked, her identity has been obliterated. She resembles the niece of Prime Minister Lila Hart and will take her place after her death. Faster than Kitty would like, she becomes entangled in a web of lies, intrigue and danger. Whom can you trust? Will she ever see Benjy again? And will she come out of this vicious circle alive? She resembles the niece of Prime Minister Lila Hart and will take her place after her death. Faster than Kitty would like, she becomes entangled in a web of lies, intrigue and danger. Who can you trust? Will she ever see Benjy again? In addition, will she come out of this vicious circle alive?

blackcoat rebellion

Why we like the novel:

The author Aimée Carter, who is known for the "Animox" series, has published an incredibly compelling prelude to a new fantasy series with her dystopian novel "Blackcoat Rebellion - The Lot of Three". She creates a dark world consisting of a cruel government, suspenseful characters and unpredictable twists and turns. As I read it, I kept wondering who I would trust if I were Kitty. Absolutely worth reading!

A society in which women are supposed to be robbed of their magic : The Grace Year

Women are considered bewitched in Garner County. They are accused of driving the young men insane through their magic. In order to take this magic away from women, as soon as they reach puberty, they will say goodbye to the so-called year of grace. For you this means complete banishment, because the girls are sent out into the wilderness. One of them is Tierney James. She wants to get the whole thing over with as quickly as possible so that she can live in freedom again. But Tierney has a keen sense of justice. And so it soon becomes more and more difficult for her to adhere to the rules of the year of grace. One day she decides to rebel against the strict laws together with the other girls. Scroll through the book.

the grace year

Why we like the novel:

Kim Liggett's new book was heralded in the media as a mix of the bestsellers The Hunger Games and The Maid's Report, and that is exactly what it is. The author creates a very dark dystopia with her work. But the main protagonist never gives up hope. "The Grace Year - Your Resistance is Love" is an absolute page-turner that you can no longer put down. Highly Recommended!

The Plus One : A young robot engineer builds a flawless Mr. Right

Kelly is 29 years old, a scientist in a company that develops human-like robots, talented, clever, but single for far too long in the eyes of her family. Because Kelly's little sister is preparing for the wedding and there is still no man in sight for Kelly, her mother, who is also the wedding planner, tries to couple her. The result is bad dates, mounting pressure, and growing dissatisfaction. In order not to have to appear alone at her sister's wedding, Kelly tries to help her luck a little: she secretly builds the robot Ethan. He looks like a Calvin Klein model, is intelligent, humorous and looks absolutely human. Ethan casts a spell over everyone. Kelly's mother is blown away and the wedding is all but saved. In addition, Kelly has the feeling of finally being able to be herself around Ethan. She has fun, tries new things and falls in love with him. But can you really love a robot? And how long can a lie be sustained without getting caught up in it?   Scroll through the book

the plus one

Why we like the novel:

Sarah Archer entertained me very well with her debut novel. Kelly is an exciting protagonist who finds herself little by little. She is smart, good at her job and more geared towards numbers and perfectionism. Ethan makes her life a little more colorful. It's fun to accompany Kelly on this. The topic of “robots” is also described in a captivating and realistic manner in this social science fiction novel.

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