10 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch with Your Girlfriend or Wife

In this blog you will find 10 Best Sci-Fi movies to watch with your girlfriend or wife.

If you want to find a sci-fi movie to watch with your girlfriend, you don't need to investigate any more! Because we've compiled for you the 10 best science fiction movies you can watch with your girlfriend. Before looking at which of these films are, we say that to bring romance to the top, you must capture perfection not only in the choice of movies but also in the organization! Now let's see what the top 10 science fiction movies you can watch with your girlfriend!

10. Equals

It tells the story of survival developed by the people who survived the Great World War. In a world where people have to be free of their feelings to survive, of course, there are people who can't control their feelings. Love is considered a serious disease in this dystopia. When Silas and Nia, the film's lead, meet, they get this sick feeling. Two names who are in love with each other are too in love to risk death. In a film that tells the story of two lovers, there is death on one side and love on the other.

9. The Discovery

The Discovery
The possibility that life exists after death has been one of humanity's greatest discoveries. This discovery causes millions of people in the film to commit suicide and transition to later life. A woman and a man who fall in love with each other in such a place of Fire want to get rid of the suicidal desire that this discovery has revealed. Full of adventure and love, this movie is one of the 10 best science fiction movies you can watch with your girlfriend.

8. Orbiter 9

Sent to space at an early age for the future of humanity, Elena knows that she is there for a mission during her years spent alone in space. But years later, Alex, sent to help him, changes his life from head to toe. Elena, who has never seen a person before, feels a sense of love that she has never experienced before. That's where the film's influence comes from.

7. The Lake House

Get ready to watch a wonderful love between the previous tenant of a lake house and the next tenant! Kate is forced to accept the new job offer that comes to her as a doctor. Although she does not want to leave her house, Kate, who leaves her place to the next tenant, asks Alex, the new tenant, to send her letters to her new address. It meets due to a binary time shift that will never come together under Normal circumstances. Moments of Love also begin to occur from here. For the top 10 movies you can watch with your girlfriend, the Lake House will be a great option!

6. The Space Between Us

Sarah Elliot, a member of a team sent from Earth to space, dies during a space mission, giving birth to a child. This boy, Gardner, stays in space for 16 years with 14 scientists. Gardner's body, then sent to Earth, is not fit to live on earth. That's why NASA keeps him under observation. But he escapes from Tulsa, where he meets and falls in love with the world, to explore the world. . It's one of the top 10 movies you can watch with your girlfriend.

5. About Time

about time sci fi movies
Tim, who can travel through time, wants to use this ability to change his life and become a celebrity. Tim, who has an ordinary life, but then reaches a different life, also finds the love of his life during this journey.

4. Underworld

One of the best science fiction films, Underworld, struggles to save an innocent man in a world inhabited by vampires and werewolves. And he falls in love with her when he wants to save her here. The interesting part of the film is that the man Selene is in love with turns into a werewolf.

3. Groundhog Day

In this film, which tells the interesting events that happened to Phil Connors, love and interest are together. Phil, who constantly wakes up on the morning of February 2 and cannot get out of this predicament, wants to solve this problem with his lover Rita. But this is a harbinger of events that will develop later.

2. Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas
There is an unusual story in this film in which 6 separate characters who lived in different periods take part in the same adventure. The film's impressiveness puts it among the top 10 science fiction movies you can watch with your girlfriend.

1. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

A man trapped between fantasy and reality. He explores whether what he's been through actually exists. Although it is a slightly melancholic film, this work is great.

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