10 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch With Your Family and Friends

If you're a Sci-Fi movie fan and you're looking for a great Sci-Fi movie, you're at the right address. Now let's examine the 10 best sci-fi movies to Watch With Your Family and Friends.

10 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch With Your Family and Friends

1 - Predestination

Made in 2014, this movie is a real treasure worth to enthusiasts of the genre. The Spierig Brothers, who collaborated with famous actor Ethan Hawke, have come up with a film that is mixed with Looper and Minority Report. This film, which is nominated to be a legend in the sci-fi thriller category, will make you pass you by while you watch it. In each scene you watch, you will find yourself calculating what might be the next step. Predestination, a very ambitious film in its lane, will also surprise you with its end. It's worth watching, even to see a finale you would never, ever have guessed. Predestination is the one of the 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch With Your Family and Friends.

2 - Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody
This 2009 film features a story in a very distant future. Mr. Nobody, who gave the film its name, is the last mortal left on earth in 2092. A man named Nemo, who is 117 years old, remembers himself on the platform where he stood in childhood when he arrived on his deathbed. He begins to think that the question of whether he should go with his mother or stay with his father can have hundreds of different consequences. His decision opens up an infinite number of possibilities. Two different and death and women to love are also in this possibility.

3 - The Prestige

The Prestige
This 2006 film has already taken its place among cult films. The mysterious story, which continues with unexpected turns, is about the Cold War between two-stage Wizards. These two wizards of the era have a great partnership and friendship. An event that enemies Wizards who have a great reputation for a combination of two great and powerful minds is a very big mistake in the game. From that day on, the plot of these two wizards, focused on destroying each other, will lock you in your seats. If we're making a 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch With Your Family and Friends list, this movie should definitely be one of them.

4 - Back To The Future

Back To The Future
The 1985-1990 film series still ranks among the favorite films of all ages. We think he doesn't know this movie. If you haven't seen it yet, we can say you've lost a lot.


5 - Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
Made in 2004, this film has the distinction of being as cult as any other film. We've never seen Jim Carrey in a role like this in any of his other films. If you are suffering from Love and wish that my memory would be erased and I would forget about it, you should immediately open this film and watch it.

6 - Edge Of Tomorrow

Edge Of Tomorrow
The 2014 film deals with the war between aliens and Earth. Although the subject is familiar to you, you will notice when watching a movie that has not been processed like this before.

7 - The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect
Again among the cult films, this 2004 film invites you to a story that is both sad and jarring. You should add this film to your archive, which can be watched many times and will leave a different taste each time.

8 - Inception

With this 2010 film, you will see the story of a man who managed to steal information from dreams. One day everything will turn upside down, and now you have a much more difficult task ahead… If we're making a 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies to Watch With Your Family and Friends list, Inception should definitely be one of them.

9 - The Martian

The Martian
This 2015 film is one of the best sci-fi films you can come across in recent times. You'll be watching the story of a man who was stranded there during a Mars exploration.

10 - Interstellar

In this 2014 film, Life on earth is about to disappear due to drought and climate change shortly. You will open the window of a new world with the story of a team that begins to explore new places. 


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