10 Best Sci-Fi Instagram Accounts

In this blog, we have examined the most popular science fiction instagram accounts. If you are a sci-fi fan, you will love this list. Let's get right to the point.

10 Best Sci Fi Instagram Accounts in 2021

1- @vintage_scifiart

vintage.scifiart shares content posts from 20s to 80s. All artworks in this instagram account belong to highly regarded sci-fi artists. Vintage Sci-Fi Art shares contents from one of the best examples of expressionist cinemas, feature-length sci-fi films, from 1927's Metropolis to Led Zeppelin drawings, from Astroding comic magazines to psychedelic drawings. Much of the content reflects the tension between futuristic utopian formations based on machine aesthetics and the dystopian techno-totalitarian social order, the tension between the utopian character of the modern movement, which actually refuses to make use of normal styles, and historical accumulation as mythology. Vintage Sci-fi Art is a great Instagram account for psychedelic vintage lovers, where colors meet the sky and share unusual designs.This account is definitely is one of the 10 Best Sci-Fi Instagram Accounts

2- @scifi.daily

Are you a Nerd of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art? Then Scifi.daily is just your taste. It has contents from space to vintage books, from trippy architecture to cyber vehicles. Scifi.daily is no longer just an ordinary Instagram account; a cyberpunk lifestyle, an aesthetic philosophy of life, and a subculture as powerful as science fiction. In the Scifi.daily world, no authority is liked, nobody likes cool brands, everyone knows about technology. So much so that you should definitely go and see Scifi.daily  which Emma Roberts is a big fan of it.

3- @newretronet

Newretro.Net is U.S. Based Synthwave Streetwear Brand. As a global consumer brand, they aim to provide the best unique set of streetwear products and only deliver our favorite ones to us. They sell streetwear fashion that is versatile, timeless and functional. On the Instagram account, there are Newretro, Cyberpunk-themed landscapes, cars that look like they have jumped out of space and character drawings that look like they have jumped out of the game Shadowrun: Dragonfall. We strongly recommend that you take this wonderful account dominated by purple and galactic colors on your radar.


4- @Scifigalaxy

The scifigalaxy Instagram account is an understanding of art, which is the interpretation of the inner self in human beings, the interpretation of their own existence, without any control of the mind, without being under any moral, ethical and aesthetic pressure, and even without the creative power of some artists. Scifigalaxy is the haunt of trippy and popsurrealism lovers, who share content that many people love, from one-punch man adventures to cyber drawings of interesting beings below the sea and above the sky. If we are going to make 10 Best Sci-Fi Instagram Accounts list, this profile is definitely one of them.


5- @the.futurism

The most prominent features of the.futurism account are rhythm, dynamism and simultaneous motion posts. We can regard it as a new impressionist account sharing pictures that are interpreted as the aesthetics of speed or as a visual expression of motion. Visuals, which have a formal expression following the futurist painting and sculpture manifestos, reflect space sciences, robots and psychedelic drawings, in short, Futurism, the new world art. It will be a great stop for those who want to break with the art of the past and replace it. You should definitely give it a chance. 


6- @scifi_art

Managed by All India Radio (band), scifi_art is an art sharing account for both ears and eyes. You can listen to the music of this account, which shares retro and depiction designs before the digital era, from many platforms it shares. This account gives the impression that it is wandering around Carl Sagan's book Cosmos. You can find many content about the Star Wars universe, although it is not known much now, you can even find something about the sesame street, the old favorite.


7- @scifi.cyber.art

The difficulty of fully defining science fiction in scifi.cyber.art is that it, like the Indian Ocean, has no natural boundaries. There is a central field where everyone can agree; then, as you step out of it, you will not encounter disturbing similarities to other forms of fiction; and eventually, at the borders, the most enigmatic things happen. Scifi.cyber.art reveals a comprehensive and coherent whole posted on the genre and shares great posts by transferring the Cyberpunk subgenre from its inception to the present among sci-fi accounts.


8- @scifigeneration

scifigeneration is an Instagram account of podcasts and short videos from movies blended into pop culture and science fiction. If you like the Star Trek universe and interesting astronaut drawings, you should definitely take a look at it.

9- @gigantic.creatures

Here is a very interesting Instagram account: gigantic.creatures. It only shares gigantic creatures, from the gigantic monsters we see in movies or TV shows to the huge aliens in space movies. Although it used to be a part of our nightmares, now everyone is following them with admiration. We know that huge robots have been a favorite of the directors in recent years. Let's see if you can see one of your favorite characters.


10- @heavymetal

The Authority in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: heavymetal. This account, which has tens of thousands of followers, also provides information on traditions and colors in ancient times. It enables different accounts to reach more masses by sharing their artistic works. They are putting science fiction into science fiction. If you enjoy exotic and galactic universes meeting fantasy and psychedelic, you'll love this account.

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