10 Best Sci Fi Comics of All Time

In this article, we will dive into the best sci fi comics of all time. Are you tired of superhero comics? Haven’t read any Science Fiction comics written so far and curious about them? Then there are 10 Sci-Fi Themed Comics for you!




Think of a comic book, with each page containing concepts that can be the subject of a science fiction novel or movie on their own. In every frame, you read, either come across something that might inspire a work you love, or feel the neurons in your brain colliding and pushing you into new story ideas. Moreover, this comic book was written in the 1980s but still retains its originality. Incal is exactly such a work of art...

Incal, a collaboration between the surrealist director Alejandro Jodorowsky, known for his experimental films, and Jean "Moebius" Giraud, the famous artist of the Blueberry comic book, can be described as a space opera in the simplest terms. But it would be both unfair to him and very inadequate to put him in such a restricted mold. Because Incal may seem like a comic book about an interplanetary adventure at first glance, it actually contains many elements from mysticism to symbolism, from Buddhism to duality, from social criticism to sexuality and even humor. As such, it is unlike anything you've read before, despite all the time that has passed...


Transmetropolitan is such a dystopia is passing in the near future. It is a series drawn by Darick Robertson, who we know from The Boys series, which broke many taboos in superhero comics, written by Warren Ellis, who brought a brand new breath to the superhero genre with comics such as The Authority and Planetary. Published as 60 issues between 1997-2002, the series has already taken its place among the comic book classics. It finds a place in many "best comic" lists.

In the first issue, we find our hero Spider Jerusalem, who now thinks he is retired, withdrawn from the city and civilization, with his hair and beard intertwined in nature. But the city and civilization are contagious, they haunt them. When his former editor reminds him of his legal obligations and the books, he has to write, Spider is forced to return to the city and his profession to journalism. From this point on, as the Spider catches stories and writes them, we begin to explore his age and city step by step.



One of the most important science fiction series of the recent period was the Descender series written by Jeff Lemire and drawn by Dustin Nguyen. Descender, which has an unusual course in the comic book world, made its final in 2018 with its 32nd issue, but the story at the center of the series continues with a new series called Ascender. Published between 2015 and 2018, Descender lasted thirty-two issues - six volumes in total. It is possible to compare the fiction at the center of Descender to a hybrid between a "space opera" in which many planets are placed at the center and Asimov's robot stories.

The story takes place in a different galaxy, in a structure led by a council of various planets. But at the very beginning of the series, a massive attack is being carried out on the central planets of this council, called the United Galactic Council. The organizers of the attack are mysterious robots, later called Harvesters, which have never seen before.



Akira was started by Kodansha in Young Magazine in 1982 and ended in 1990. Later, the work collected in six volumes has been translated into various languages. It presents a cyberpunk-style portrayal of the world in post-WWII Japan: people clinging to life in low-life conditions and their struggles in a high-tech world. In this struggle, New Tokyo is the center of events.

If we look away from Akira's fiction and look at his structure, we can say that it is a great courage for Otomo to present a world shaken by bombs to a nation shaken by atomic bombs in the Second World War. Even though he did not experience the trauma, the artist could have received great reactions from the readers who bear his traces. However, that didn't happen. This is probably due to the fact that he interpreted the feelings of people living under the nuclear threat in the cold war of the 1980s.

Naturally, taking the threat one step further and writing the post-war period has attracted the reader. Moreover, his handling of an unknown and a secret project over Akira by taking a hand at the uncertainties of a possible war has been a reflection of the post-war paranoia that the reader experienced at that time. Katsuhiro Otomo breaks the usual molds of manga in his work. Instead of the usual manga drawings, the artist prefers realism. It even goes a little further and moves towards an approximate photorealistic style in the characters. Not only that, it designs extremely realistic industrial spaces in line with a dystopian background.



v for vendetta

V for Vendetta is a British comic book written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd. The events in the comic, the first of which was published in 1982 and has a total of 10 episodes, take place in a dystopian and post-apocalyptic world. The plot of the novel is described as events happening in the "near future". The dates are recorded as 1997 and 1998 in the comic. Of course, it should be taken into account that the work was first published in 1982.

I guess there is no one who does not know about V for Vendetta. Because there is also a movie (2005) with the same name and James McTeigue in the director's chair. His movie is very popular. V for Vendetta, inspired by Alan Moore's disgust for Margaret Thatcher, is a truly magnificent comic, which he planned to publish in 1994, primarily to refer to George Orwell's masterpiece, but failed due to various glitches. I think there is no need to introduce too much; of course, I wrote that it would be a shame if it were not on the list. If you watched the movie, let me state that the comic book has a much higher quality, much more "gray" subtext, and there is a lot of difference between it and the film. Do not hesitate to read. Moreover, at the end, this magnificent work is in return for its deserved efforts. This amazing masterpiece is a member of the best sci fi comics of all time.



Signed by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, Saga is a series that has dominated almost all comic book awards since its release in 2012. It should be noted that the series published by Image Comics deserves the awards it has won. If you haven't read this great comic book series yet, there are a few reasons to entice your mind and persuade you to read it. Saga takes place in space, and I must point out that it is exactly a space opera. In fact, when it was first introduced, it was said to be a mix of Star Wars and Game of Thrones. Of course, when we add the love of our main characters from two enemy genres, such as Romeo and Juliet, it turns out to be a very interesting and enjoyable series to read. To put it briefly on its story, Landfall is a highly developed community in terms of technology and its most distinctive features are the fairy-style wings. Wreath members, on the other hand, have magic power and have horns like a ram, even if they are not technologically advanced.


the east of west

The East of West takes place in today's United States where the American Civil War is never over, where there is an endless struggle between the United States, the Confederacy, Negro slaves, Native Americans, Texas Discriminators, and expelled Chinese. We are in a dystopian American future. However, this is not what you know. A Western society prevails. The downside is that the future of man is on the shoulders of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. But the only problem is that these four horsemen killed the president of the United States. All this chaos ends suddenly when a meteor crashes on Earth.


ex machina

This is a story about Mitchell Hundred, the governor of New York City, the first, perhaps the last, of his office. Where is the event? Hundred was once a well-known superhero who prevented the second tower from collapsing on 9 September. On the other hand, you will read a political and interesting series where the superhero world and the real world merge.



paper girls

In the 80s, as 4-5 little kids live their times with all the nostalgic vibe, something extraordinary begins to happen in their small town. Parallel universes begin to intertwine with giant monsters, beings whose words are not understood, and eventually time travels. Have you had places that you likened to Stranger Things? This series has been written before Stranger Things.

10- WE3


The American government takes an ordinary dog, rabbit, and cat and equips them with weapons, a metal skeleton, and anything to be used in battle, to replace its soldiers in wars. However, these poor animals finally find a chance to escape and strive with all their might to return home and regain their freedom.

 Bonus: Infinite Odyssey Magazine

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