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Los Pixelos, a unique NFT collection and Metaverse Game

Non-Fungible Token’s, commonly known as NFT’s, are one-of-one, non-interchangeable units of data, stored on a blockchain. They can be sold and traded and can be associated with particular digital or physical assets, such as a file, a song, a physical object, or a digital avatar. They function like cryptographic tokens, however, unlike cryptocurrencies, NFT’s are not mutually interchangeable, therefore not fungible. Additionally, each NFT may represent something different, thus have a different value. Their uses are mostly associated with a license to use the underlying digital asset, digital art, collectibles, ticketing, games, virtual worlds, music, film, memes, sports, fashion, etc. Most of these uses are represented in the project Los Pixelos, an up-and-coming NFT based virtual world where you can...

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