Los Pixelos, a unique NFT collection and Metaverse Game

Non-Fungible Token’s, commonly known as NFT’s, are one-of-one, non-interchangeable units of data, stored on a blockchain. They can be sold and traded and can be associated with particular digital or physical assets, such as a file, a song, a physical object, or a digital avatar. They function like cryptographic tokens, however, unlike cryptocurrencies, NFT’s are not mutually interchangeable, therefore not fungible. Additionally, each NFT may represent something different, thus have a different value. Their uses are mostly associated with a license to use the underlying digital asset, digital art, collectibles, ticketing, games, virtual worlds, music, film, memes, sports, fashion, etc. Most of these uses are represented in the project Los Pixelos, an up-and-coming NFT based virtual world where you can experience adventure, excitement, and exploration. 

los pıxelos

Imagine a world, where you are the resident of a lawless cyberpunk city where bureaucracy and any form of law have collapsed. The battle for survival between thieves, cops, rich, mafia, and politicians is endless, and every object among the ruins of the city is highly valuable. This world is Los Pixelos, where you become a randomly generated character living in this lawless city as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT), and try to become richer, while also trying to survive. All residents are known as La Residente, and because of the uniqueness of every NFT, there is no one like you. Only you possess your characters, as other La Residente have their unique avatars. You do not have to play, though, as you can possess your avatars as collectibles, or pieces of art, but remember: You miss the adventure if you do not join the upcoming cross-platform metaverse game.

los pixelos

So, how do you acquire your avatar to join the thrilling adventure? Simply go to OpenSea collection, and buy your avatar, who is registered on the Ethereum (Polygon) Blockchain as NFT’s, but remember, more rare character, higher price. Once you buy your character with Ethereum (ETH), you now possess the opportunity to enter the cross-platform online game, which will be released in near future. However, anyone who does not own a character will not have the opportunity to enter the game, and your character’s profession will determine the role you will play and do not think that your time and money will just go for the online game, as every quarter of the year part of the revenue from the OpenSea market will be made available to the community, and you will select a non-governmental project to help donate this revenue. 

Also do not worry! It is not a start-up that wanders around aimlessly. They are a team with more than 10 years of experience in the fields of digital art, marketing, and design with clear goals and milestones that want to achieve. Some of the milestones, already have achieved with the help of our current buyers and future players. Launched our website for the project, LosPixelos.com, and already launched the first exclusive collection of Los Bandidos, which is a unique 51 piece collection for 0.03 ETH, and were sold out in 20 hours! You can find other goals and social media platforms on lospixelos.com. What are you waiting for, join the thrilling adventure, become a La Residente, and play the cross-platform metaverse game.


Author: Guest Author